Even if you have the most luxurious bathroom imaginable, it’s time to rethink your tub. Consider these seven reasons why your bathing routine should

swiftly transition from the old-fashioned tub to a more efficient shower:

  1. Showers use less water. A shower uses 60 percent less water than a tub. The additional savings can be significant in the long run, especially in a home with an older water heater.
  2. Showers conserve energy. Bathtubs typically run longer than showers, which can mean more energy used. Depending on the size of your water heater, you could save hundreds of dollars on energy a year by switching to a shower.
  3. Showers are easier to clean and maintain. A tub requires periodic cleaning, priming, and filling. In contrast, a shower offers an easy clean-up. Also, shower curtains don’t take up as much space, which can be especially handy for small bathrooms.
  4. Showers are safer. If you have kids or older family members in your home, showers might be a better choice because they are much easier to get out of.
  5. Showers are a space-saver without sacrificing function or luxury. You can enjoy a luxurious shower while also gaining extra room in your bathroom!
  6. Showers offer more flexibility. You can change your shower head whenever you want, while it may be more challenging to make changes to your tub.
  7. Showers are quicker and easier to install. Since there isn’t a plumbing connection, you can easily remove a shower or add one with less effort.

Furthermore, the flexible hose makes installation quick and easy. Cleaning the bathtub can be tricky, especially if you have to clean it frequently because of kids in your house.

Switching from bathtub to shore is one of the wisest bathroom remodeling ideas.

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