Home remodeling can be a costly and significant investment. To avoid potential mistakes, it’s key to ask your contractor the right questions before you start any renovations or repairs.

Remember, the right contractor could mean the difference between a project completed on time and within your budget and one that costs you money, ruins your home’s interior, or takes longer than expected.

Here are the five critical questions you should ask any contractor before signing a contract:

  1. What Is Your Professional Certification?
    All trades and professions have various certifications to help determine service quality. For example, general contractors should be licensed and carry a liability insurance policy.
  2. How Long Will This Project Take?
    When you are budgeting, estimate at least twice as long as what you think it will take to complete the project. For example, if you think it will take one month to paint the walls in your guest room, factor in at least two.
  3. Do You Have Insurance?
    Not only does it protect you if your home is damaged, but it also gives you peace of mind. It’s essential to ask for proof of insurance and check the policy against your own to ensure it meets your needs.
  4. Have You Completed Projects Similar to Mine?
    Someone who has completed similar projects can give you a better idea of what you can expect throughout your project. You will want to hear about the project beforehand so you can prepare. If they say yes, ensure you get proof of their previous projects.
  5. How Much Will The Project Cost in Total?
    You don’t want surprises when you receive the bill for your home renovations. Know what each project will cost regarding labor, materials, and taxes.

While the questions are still many, these 5 are the basics. They are critical to ask before you sign any contract or pay any money.

Most people in the middle of a remodel do not have the time or the energy to pursue a contractor that is cheating them. Get it in writing, get what you want and then have fun with your project!

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